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There are actually several alternatives for ceiling led panel light with no straightforward all in one specification to pass. This LED panel lamp blog site will certainly enlighten newcomers and also professionals identical on finding the greatest LED panel light for the job.

What is the framework of LED panel light?

LED panel light will usually have light weight aluminum structure, light guide plate, diffusion plate, light grains, power supply, back cover, reflective paper and various other architectural elements.

1. led panel lights of light weight aluminum external structure
There are different type of light weight aluminum framework can be personalized, light weight aluminum structure can be taken apart and set up into a total structure, LED panel lighting there are additionally hydraulically designed repaired structure of the light weight aluminum structure, light weight aluminum framework appearance impact is gorgeous, Panel LED light high degree of security, good heat dissipation, can fulfill most of the consumer demand for panel lights.

2. led panel LED lamp grains source of light
The panel light factory utilizes SMD 2835, SMD 5050 light and more, according to the lighting effect required by clients, the manufacturing facility makes use of different kinds of light grains according to require to achieve different led panel light impact, we have more than ten years of experience in the modification and production of led panel light.

3. led panel light power supply
Led panel lights need to drive power to accomplish the function, such as dali power dimming, dmx dimming, push dimming and more, we utilize the power supply need to undergo the quality accreditation test, to guarantee the safety and security of the power supply, and also the normal use the panel lights.

4. led panel lights in the diffuser plate
The primary material of the diffusion plate is COMPUTER, the main role is to disperse the light out, to attain consistent light result.

5. led panel light overview plate
The main function of the light guide is to distribute the light uniformly over the entire panel, and to utilize the reflection to efficiently make use of the light flux as well as manage the light distribution.

6. led panel light back cover
The back cover seals the light body versus light leakages, dissipates heat, and has a blue layer to secure it from the ground up.

If you have any questions pertaining to where and ways to make use of Panel LED light (https://www.billionaireled.com), you can contact us at our own website.

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